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All music in this section except the albums is available as files of special formats. You should use specified WinAmp plug-ins to play them. Some of the music can also be played online at SoundCloud (any music) and another SoundCloud (1-bit music).

You can use my original music from this page under CC-BY license terms. This does not apply to the cover versions or collaboration works.

Music :: Albums

Some larger scale music content made with various software and hardware and rendered into audio files. You don't need any special software to listen these.

2002/19 Best of the Meh - a retro compilation of my old MIDI music composed in early 2000s.
2010/19 Shiru's 1-Bit Music Compilation 2010 - a compilation of my ZX Spectrum beeper music. Also available as a program to run on the actual computer.
2012 Player Alone - an FM synthesis-powered synth rock album.
2019 System Beeps - PC Speaker music album. Also available as a MS-DOS program. Source code and Reaper project files is also available.
2021 Faulty Robots - Commodore PET music album. Also available as a PRG file. Source code and 1tracker project files included.
2022 Shiru's 1-Bit Music Compilation Vol.2 - the second compilation of my ZX Spectrum beeper music. Also available as a program to run on the actual computer.
2023 Ear Shaver - ZX Spectrum beeper music album made with the Ear Shaver EX engine. Also available as a program to run on the actual computer.

Music :: 1-bit ZX Spectrum music

1-bit or 'beeper' music for ZX Spectrum 48K. This computer has simplest possible sound device - just a speaker connected to single bit of an output port. All the sound synthesis is done in software, sound quality and features are depends from a player. To make the music I have used Beepola with different players. Use AY Emulator to listen.

Original songs:

2010 Fase Uno
Fase Dos
Fase Tres
Formation X
Butterfly Catcher
Streets Of Rain
River City Rancor
Final Guy
Astro Force (Music Synth)
Astro Force - improved version of previous song
Magic Tokens - all the music for a game of the same name
Attack on the Mothership
Disposal Orbit
Good Old Times
Alkaline Knight
Bicycle Ride
Roller Skates
Time Attack
Restless Fighter
2016 Struggle
2017 Fase Cuatro - mostly done in early 2011
HeadBanger - mostly done in 2013
2018 Catching Up
2019 Just On Time - mostly done in early 2016
Falling Asleep
2021 Repeating Itself
Standing Wave
High Orbit
2022 Geostorm
Freezing Point
Let's Go!

All music in single archive (126K), also contains editable versions of Beepola songs (.bbsong). The 1tracker modules are included into the 1tracker archive.

Music :: AY-3-8910

AY-3-8910 or compatible YM2149F sound chips were used in many systems, including ZX Spectrum 128, MSX, Amstrad CPC. First I have used Sound Tracker, later Pro Tracker 3, currently I'm using Vortex Tracker II. Use AY Emulator to listen.

Original songs:

2002 Mehalonholia - my first PT3 track
199x Nostalgy
Old Love
Chinese Watch
It's Come From The Dark
Time Up
Kak Vsegda
2003 Hard
Durka Da Blues
Summer - Kidsoft'2004 party version
Prosto Popsa
Buhan I Dve Batonki
2010 A Little Journey - partially made in 2007
Proper Summer
Autumn Colors - mostly made in 2006
Under the Sun
Snowball Game - was started in 2006
V Ozhidanii Tepla - mostly made in 2003
Enchanted Woods - was started in 2005
2011 Spring Came - mostly made in 2003
Megamix - made with Alone Coder for his demo using three old sketches
2018 We'll Be Allright
Cover versions:

2002 Mario - actually a cover of someone else's cover
2005 Divi-Dead BGM#3
2006 SNES - Donkey Kong Country 2 - Lava
NES - Blaster Master - Level 3
SMD - Battletoads - Surf City
2007 SNES - Sailor Moon R - Player Select - single-chip version of same TS cover (for Ball Quest MSX)
2010 NES - Mighty Final Fight - Riverside - mostly made in 2005
NES - Mega Man - Cutman Stage - mostly made in 2006
NES - Mega Man - Stage Select - mostly made in 2006

All tracks in single archive (53K)

Music :: TurboSound (2xAY)

TurboSound (TS for short) is a sound device for ZX Spectrum that adds second AY-3-8910 sound chip. The music was made with Vortex Tracker II. First four tracks were made before TS support in any editors. All of my TS tracks are cover versions, almost all also covers of music from console games. Use AY Emulator v2.9b2 or newer to listen.

Cover versions:

2005 NES - Castlevania - Vampire Killer
NES - Double Dragon - Title
NES - Jorney To Silius - Stage 3
NES - Power Blade - Stage 5
SNES - Sailor Moon R - End Theme
SNES - Sailor Moon R - Player Select
SNES - Sailor Moon - Route Venus
2006 NOFX - Happy Guy
PCE - Soldier Blade - Track 6
NES - Kirby - Grape Garden
NES - Kirby - Grape Garden - Alone Coder's fixed version
SMD - Vectorman - Tidal Surge
SNES - Megaman & Bass - Tenguman
SNES - Megaman & Bass - Tenguman - John's fixed version
SNES - SD Kidou Senshi Gundam 2 - Bursted Fire
SMD - Sonic The Hedgehog - Starlight Zone
2010 NES - Chip & Dale - Zone J - mostly made in 2006

All tracks in single archive (27K)

Music :: SID

SID is the famous sound chip of the Commodore 64 computer. The music was made with GoatTracker 2. Use Winamp plug-in or other *.sid player to listen.

Original songs:

2009 All rockets flew away
2010 Summer Vacation
Strolling Cats

All tracks in single archive (15K), also contains editable versions (.sng)

Music :: SN76489

SN76489 is a sound chip that was used in ColecoVision and Sega Master System game consoles. The music was made with Mod2PSG2 cross-tracker. Use Winamp VGM input plugin to listen.

Original songs:

2006 My Mission
Run Under Fire
Cover versions:

2006 Gummi Bears - Opening - theme of Disney's series
2007 NES - Batman - Return of the Joker - Level 1

All tracks in single archive (34K), also contains editable versions (.psgmod)

Music :: 2A03

2A03 is a CPU with built-in sound chip of the NES (Famicom) game console. The music was made with FamiTracker cross-tracker. Use one of Winamp VGM input plugins or Jnes emulator to listen.

Original songs:

2008 Lone Fighter
Spring Thing - mostly made in 2006
2009 Through Sewers
2010 Downhill in a dumpster
You can't stop the disco
Intruder Alert
Lost in Hyperspace
Danger Streets
2011 After the Rain
Car Chase
Lan Master - soundtrack of a game, 3 songs
Lawn Mower - soundtrack of a game, 3 songs
2015 Voidfiller
2019 Winter Magic
Cover versions:

2008 Power Rangers Theme
2009 Grabbag - famous Duke Nukem 3D theme
2013 Dune 2 - Command Post
2014 Jajauma ni Sasanaide - first Ranma 1/2 opening song, mostly done in ~2008
Midnight Resistance - BGM2 - mostly done in ~2009
Grendizer - Opening - started in ~2009

All tracks in single archive (238K), also contains editable versions (.ftm)

Music :: OPL2

OPL2 (YM3812) is a FM synth sound chip that was used in AdLib and Sound Blaster sound cards. None of modern sound cards use these chips. The music was made with Reality Adlib Tracker. Use AdPlug plugin/player or real hardware (very old PC with OPL2-compatible sound card) to listen.

Original songs:

2001 Sunny Forest - for unfinished Dizzy remake project
DDD Theme - for Dizzy remake project too
Things #1 - for Rubik's Cube game
Things #2 - for Rubik's Cube game
Things #3 - for Rubik's Cube game
Raise - for gift for Release
Cover versions:

2001 Brag4 - cover for AY track by Imp/Dream Makers (possibly was cover too)
Bloodhound Gang - Ballad Of Chasey Lain
NOFX - Happy Guy
Offspring - Kids Aren't Allright
Cardigans - My Favorite Game
Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
Blink182 - What's My Age Again
SMD - Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

All tracks in single archive (23K)

Music :: MIDI

All the music was made with Cakewalk 6.0. Almost all of it, except for latest cover versions, has been designed specifically for Creative Sound Blaster AWE32 default sound bank, so it does not well with other sound cards. Use any player with MIDI support to listen (Windows Media or Winamp, for example). Some of the songs also available as MP3 recodings here.

Original songs:

2000 Pain Of Lonely
Reserved Circle
Some Rave Part 1
What For?
World For One
Sun Rising Today
Some Rave Part 2
Come A New Dawn
Night #1
Night #2
Night #3
Night #4
Angels Always Gone
Not A FX
2001 All Rainbow Dreams
It's My Way
Remember Your Friends
Strange Fantasy
Church Of Love
Warm Of Your Hands
Alone Star
Rain In The Night City
Wonderful World
The Fall Of The Leaf
Together In Memories
Enemy Await Me
Night Will Come
Midnight Raving
2002 I Wanna Know What I Want
Love And Pain
Asia Fantasia - unfinished track, only intro part
Cover versions:

2000 ZX - Amiga Tetris
ZX - Lyra Megademo II Part 3
ZX - China 2K - cover for one of ZX versions of The Great Commandment by Camouflage
Judgement Day - Terminator movie theme
ZX - Star Dust - original track by Klav, from Insult Megademo
2006 NES - Final Mission - Intro
NES - Choujin Sentai Jetman - Area A
NES - Duck Tales 2 - Last Level
2008 SMD - Gley Lancer - Stage 1
2016 SMD - Outrun 2019 - Feel the Beat
Team works:

2001 Rainy Morning - mostly by Perepel, arranged by me
Clowd - written together with Perepel

All tracks in single archive (221K)

Music :: Tracked (MOD/XM)

The music was made with Fast Tracker II, Skale tracker, and MilkyTracker. I mostly use samples (instruments) from other's music or sample collections, and rarely make my own samples. Use XMPlay or another good player to listen.

Original songs:

2002 Baida3 - one of my very first MOD/XM tracks
OMP Music #1
2003 They Wait
Sun In Forest
Summer Rain
2004 Bass Improv
Then You Sleep
Dreamy Music
Stupid But Happy
2005 Reversion
Short Tracks #1
Short Tracks #2
Short Tracks #3
Open Space
Spirits of Memphis
2008 Oldstyle - mostly made in 2004
Impatience - mostly made in 2005
2019 Neonlight - mostly made in 2005
Dance In The Space - mostly made in 2003
Glass Lake - mostly made in 2004

All tracks in single archive (2.95M)