In the age of digital escapism, it is easy to view life as a video game. One is the hero of his own game. Getting through endless levels of ever changing reality, struggling with the outer and inner, continuing the everlasting chase for elusive dreams. The greatest enemy on this way that should never be allowed to ruin anything is the fear that this game is in fact a single player one.

An instrumental synth rock album by Shiru, 03/2011 - 12/2012.

You can download all songs as a single archive in various formats:

MP3 (71M), OGG (124M), FLAC (257M)

Extra: Elusive Dream lyrics
Cover art backstory
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Player Alone cover art

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Created with Psycle, VOPM, ErsDrums, CamelCrusher, Classic Auto-Filter, LinearPhaseGraphicEQ2. Thanks to authors of all this great software.