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This section contains stand-alone source code projects only, such as programming libraries. For source code of my games check the 'Software' section.

Code :: Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Simple 4-channel sample player (691K)
An example of a software 4-channel digital sound mixer for the SMD. The archive includes the Z80 driver, a demo program, and English 'readme'. Check forum thread on the SpritesMind.NET for additional info (in English).

Code :: Adobe Flash (ActionScript 3)

AS3 VGM Player v1.14 (25K)
A VGM file format player with the SN76489 sound chip emulation for Flash Player 10. Allows to play music from the Sega Master System and some other 8-bit systems in Flash applications. The archive includes source code, an usage example, and English 'readme'.

Code :: NES/Famicom

FamiTone2 v1.15 (126K)
An audio library for the music and sound effects. The archive includes source code of the library and tools, an usage example, and english docs.

FamiTone v1.24 (112K)
An audio library for the music and sound effects. This version is fully obsoleted by the FamiTone2, and is not recommended to use. Kept here for historical purposes.

neslib and CC65 NES examples (126K) / video
A few simple examples of programming the NES in C with CC65, and my low level library called 'neslib'.

neslib + FamiTracker player (80K)
A special version of the neslib with the integrated FamiTracker 0.4.6 player. Can also be used as an example of integrating the FamiTone2 sound effects system with the FamiTracker music player.

Code :: Commodore

PeskyTone v1.0 (42K)
A very basic audio library for the music and sound effects for Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, also happens to have NES support.